CMS Community Sim Racing League

For a whole host of sim racing titles, visit CMS sim racing community league.

At CMS sim racing community league, we’ve been providing computer-based quality sim racing for our membership for over two decades.

ABOUT Champion Motorsports Sim Racing Community League

“Our various sim racing titles include iRacing, Assetto Corsa, Automobilista, Raceroom Racing Experience, and rFactor 2 leagues are “serious fun” in a friendly atmosphere.

We also host a rallying event series in Dirt Rally 2.0.

While our events are competitive, we welcome all sim racing drivers from beginners to the seasoned professional. No matter what your level of experience we have events throughout the week to match your sim racing interests”.

Drop by and check out their great league, a great community that is consistent with races, teams and getting involved with the sim racing community. We have seen many different car classes involved across the sim racing titles they host, so iI am sure there is something there for everyone to be involved in.

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CMS has been setting high standards in the sim racing community, year on year it has grown in stature and been a league at the forefront with great sim racing.