Welcoming GTSRL Gran Turismo Racing Community

Welcoming GTSRL Gran Turismo Racing Community

We welcome our newest sim racing league partner GTSRL, where Gran Turismo 7 and a great community bring you some mighty fine racing.

Many will know that the Gran Turismo racing series has a place in our hearts, we are pleased to announce that GTSRL community will be joining Simrace247.com as a league partner. What does that mean for you in the sim racing community? well, a great place to join and sign up for some top Gran Turismo 7 racing for a start.

MDC3755 is a league official over at GTSRL and gives us a great insight into the league, its history and how its doors are open for the community to join.

“Gran Turismo Sport was released on 17th October 2017, GTSRL was formed 3 days later! For our founding members, the experience of racing online in GT6 made it clear that clean honest racing was never going to be at the centre of the online racing culture when Gran Turismo Sport was released. For that reason, GTSRL was formed to provide a place for likeminded motorsport enthusiasts to come together and provide a clean racing platform and community for all to enjoy.

Nearly 6 years later and GTSRL is still going strong, and still putting the provision of a clean racing environment and community at the heart of everything we do. We are a community run league with all organisation undertaken by volunteers to provide a free place to race!

Despite the hype surrounding the release of Gran Turismo 7, it quickly became apparent that unfortunately the release version of the game did not have the online lobby capabilities that we required to administer and run our league to the standards that we strive to maintain. It was a huge step back from the tools we had available to us in GTS. For that reason, GTSRL went on hiatus for an entire year until Polyphony Digital managed to patch in the lobby control and functionality required to get league racing working again.


Not only are we back and racing, but we have just re-designed and relaunched our entire league racing format to make the best out of the new functionality that GT7 has brought us over and above GTS. The main thing being the wonder of Dynamic Weather! We have designed a Discord Bot that randomly selects a weather pattern just before each race starts letting our racers know roughly what to expect as a weather forecast, but letting the variability in the game’s own weather system do the rest. It makes for some interesting strategy decisions on the fly and can really mix up our feature races. We run alternate weeks of dry feature races and races with high potential for rain”.

There has never been a better time to join GTSRL, some of the things we are proud to provide on our racing platform are:

  • Dynamic Weather
  • Regular League Racing
  • Regular Community Series (Such as SF23, MX-5 Cup & Retromod Series)
  • Regular Casual Race night lobbies (short casual ad-hoc races)
  • Full Online Race Management System (results, standings, statistics & analysis)
  • Dedicated independent stewarding team (post-race review & penalty application)
  • Community led voting on car and track combinations for upcoming league seasons
  • Events for all abilities from absolute beginners to competitive hard racing for those with a more finely honed skillset!

“We are proud to join in partnership with simrace247.com to help grow the online community on Gran Turismo games and promote the sim racing community as a whole. After all, without community, sim racing would never be fun and it’s the fun that keeps us all coming back race after race!”.