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Formula 1 Announces Multi-Year Partnership With Playseat

Formula 1 Announces Multi-Year  Partnership With Playseat

Formula 1® has announced a new multi-year partnership with Playseat®, a leading racing simulator brand, to produce exclusive and bespoke F1® licensed racing products for gamers and sim racers to enjoy.

Applying over two decades worth of experience, Playseat® will develop premium equipment for both casual nand professional gamers, including versatile and accessible sim racing seats and high end-professional simulators.

The partnership with Playseat® demonstrates the ability Formula 1 has in putting its growing and diverse audience at the heart of the action, offering opportunities to experience the sport away from the track, in this case through the world of gaming in homes all over the world.

Playseat® worked closely with F1 drivers and professional sim racers to create a seat that feels exactly like a real Formula 1 cockpit using their cutting-edge technology and finely tuned equipment.

To pre-order the first of the officially licensed F1 simulators, the Formula Intelligence – F1® Edition, ahead of its release on 16 April, click here.

Emily Prazer, Chief Commercial Officer at Formula 1, said: “We are always looking for new ways to bring Formula 1 to our audience, whether that’s by creating unforgettable moments at a Grand Prix or engaging with the sport away from the track. Our partnership with Playseat will provide gamers with a bespoke, innovative, and realistic racing experience to bring the action a
step closer to home.”

Fernando Smit, President and Founder of Playseat®, said: “With over 25 years of research and development with real F1 drivers, Playseat has become the undisputed standard in delivering unrivalled realism. We have always strived to bring racing to the people and now we can bring the true F1 racing experience and racing position to everyone around the world.”

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