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Le Mans Ultimate Update: Smoother, Clearer and More Fair

Le Mans Ultimate Update: Smoother, Clearer and More Fair

With improved performance and stability at its core, the recent Le Mans Ultimate update guarantees a buttery-smooth racing experience.

The latest Le Mans Ultimate update has been released, bringing a smoother experience to the racing simulator. In this article, we’ll dive into the key improvements that will enhance your gameplay and hopefully stop you rage quitting.

Seamless Event Transitions

Have you ever experienced frustrating crashes when transitioning between different event types, such as moving from a Race Weekend to Practice Servers or Race Servers? Well, those days are over. The developers have implemented a fix that ensures a seamless transition, keeping your adrenaline pumping without any interruptions.

Crystal-Clear Visibility

Remember the times when the Porsche windscreen became opaque, hindering your view of the track? That’s a thing of the past. This update addresses the issue, ensuring you have a crystal-clear view of the road ahead, no matter which high-performance vehicle you’re driving.

Fair Play and Accurate Rankings

Contact with cones during online races will no longer impact your Safety Rank unfairly. The developers have removed this factor from the ranking calculations, ensuring that your skills and driving prowess are the sole determinants of your position on the leaderboards.

Not only that, the safety rank lap invalidation code has been improved, taking into account car contacts more accurately. This means that any incidents involving other vehicles will be properly evaluated, maintaining the integrity of the ranking system.

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