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Turbo Sliders Unlimited Update

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Turbo Sliders Unlimited has recently released a software update that offers some great fixes and improvements to the fun racing title.

A new update for Turbo Sliders Unlimited has recently been released. This latest iteration promises to elevate the gaming experience, delivering an unparalleled level of excitement and engagement for its dedicated user base.

The developers have implemented a multitude of enhancements, ensuring that players remain engrossed in the virtual motorsport environment. With each lap, the game demands the utmost concentration and rapid decision-making skills from its participants, creating an intense and exhilarating atmosphere that keeps them poised on the very edge of their seats.

Turbo Sliders’ commitment to continuous improvement is always welcoming to see. This recent update reinforces the developer’s dedication to delivering a superior and captivating experience to its audience.

  • Added a simple beta test event to drive against AI drivers (tech to be used in single player campaigns in the future)
  • It is now possible to set a password when hosting a game – players and spectators need to enter it to join
  • Host List: Hosts with players are now shown first, even if the ping is high
  • Levels can now enforce minimum pit area slowdown even if the pit is not active (pit slowdown object property)
  • Pit area slowdown is now by default quicker (automatic braking) and the top speed is more correctly reduced by the slowdown amount
  • Added new color variations to oak trees, including a leafless winter version
  • Tag games: A tagged player hitting an untagged player with a missile now transfers or spreads the tag (can be disabled in Tag settings)
  • Soccer: Fixed the goal message showing the time a few seconds off
  • Soccer: The built-in soccer arena Punapark now has some team colored markings
  • Capture battle: Fixed the team name in the flag returned message when using non-standard teams
  • Doubled the maximum size of triggers
  • Editors: Better info if trying to finalize a level or vehicle when the same name is already in use
  • Level Editor: Texture indexes now start more consistently from 1, not 0
  • Level Editor: New markers are not added as circular anymore (caused ER road library issues)
  • Console command /savesettings (or just /save) now saves the settings to the default location (game.json) if no parameter given
  • Remote admins can now load and edit server level lists even for the levels they don’t locally have yet
  • Miscellaneous other minor fixes and improvements

Grab the Turbo Sliders Unlimited early access title on Steam: Turbo Sliders Unlimited

Darren Buckner

Darren Buckner

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