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New Improved Update 6 and Cars in Forza Motorsport

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Forza Motorsport Update 6 adds new cars and overhauls the car progression system for more freedom and customization.

Forza Motorsport’s highly anticipated Update 6 for Xbox Series X|S and PC has arrived, bringing a wealth of exciting new content and a significant overhaul to the car progression system. While the addition of new cars to the already impressive roster is undoubtedly exciting, the real highlight of this update is the major overhaul to the car progression system.

Gone are the days of feeling restricted by a linear progression path. Update 6 introduces a newfound sense of freedom and customization, allowing players to truly make the game their own. With this update, players can now chart their own course, tailoring the experience to their individual preferences and play styles.

The revamped car progression system promises to breathe new life into the gaming experience, addressing longstanding concerns from the player community. No longer will players feel pigeonholed into a predetermined progression path. Instead, they can now explore the vast array of cars and customization options at their own pace, creating a truly personalized journey.

Turn 10

“With the changes coming to Car Progression in Forza Motorsport Update 6, you will have the freedom to equip the parts you want to install on your car regardless of Car Level.

The first change is to remove the level restriction on performance parts, making them all available at Car Level 1. This allows players to install parts in any order they wish, regardless of Car Level. Whether it’s engine swaps, race tyres, or body kits, you will have the freedom to build cars your way.

Secondly, players can use in-game Credits to acquire Car Points when exiting the upgrade screen at a ratio of 4,500 Credits for 500 Car Points. This change gives you a choice to immediately upgrade your car using Credits, or if you’re saving your Credits, you can earn Car Points for upgrades through car levelling as before.

We continue to optimize and improve the overall stability of Forza Motorsport. Update 6 introduces new fixes and experience improvements, including additional lighting options for the Livery Editor to help players see how their designs look in different conditions.

Following the addition of Daytona to our track list in Update 4, we’ve heard your feedback and have changed the pit lane exit to address track-rejoin collisions and more closely reflect the track as it is used in real-life events”.

The New Improved Update 6 and Cars in Forza Motorsport Brings Fixes and Improvements

  • Improved Drivatar AI behaviours at the beginning of races to reduce mid-field collisions and breakaway drivers at race start through Turn 1. [1728001, 1663637]
  • Rewind is now available to use at race start and after one or more Drivatar AI crosses the finish line before the player. [1577801, 1269413]
  • Fixed a crash when entering Private Multiplayer lobbies. [1711214, 1712940, 1692800]
  • Fixed a hard lock when transitioning from Race Results to Race Rewards after a race has been completed. [1709973]
  • On PC, VRAM usage estimates for many graphics settings have been updated to be more accurate. [1593495]
  • Fixed an issue where cars wrongly sampled Ray Traced Ambient Occlusion leading to flicker. [1689343]

Car Pass

  • 1983 Nissan #23 Nissan Motorsports Silvia Super Silhouette Mar. 13 4 pm PT / Mar. 14 12 am UTC
  • 2019 Toyota 86 TRD SE Mar. 20 4 pm PT / Mar. 21 12 am UTC
  • 2020 Lexus #14 VASSER SULLIVAN RC F GT3 Mar. 27 4 pm PT / Mar. 28 12 am UTC
  • 1986 Lotus #12 Team Lotus 98T Apr. 3 4 pm PT / Apr. 4 12 am UTC

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