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iRacing 24 Hours of Daytona Attendance and Stats

iRacing 24 Hours of Daytona Attendance and Stats

With nearly 19,000 drivers and millions of miles virtually raced, the recent iRacing 24 Hours of Daytona was a testament to the event’s massive scale and impressive statistics.

The recent iRacing 24 Hours of Daytona was a virtual endurance spectacle, pushing drivers and teams to their limits. But beyond the checkered flag, some incredible numbers reveal the scope and impact of this epic event. Let’s dive into the data:


  • Total Drivers: 18,575 – an army of virtual racers took to the track!
  • Unique Drivers: 15,952 – representing diversity and passion for endurance racing.
  • Teams: 4,055 – demonstrating collaboration and strategic planning at its finest.

Distance and Duration:

  • Laps Completed: 2,873,067 – a staggering accomplishment requiring dedication and skill.
  • Miles Raced: 10,228,118 – equivalent to over 41 trips around the Earth!
  • Hours Driven: 82,856 – a true test of physical and mental resilience.

Community Engagement:

  • YouTube Views: 176,000 – showcasing the excitement to a global audience.
  • Twitch Views: 66,000 – highlighting the interactive nature of the event.
  • Facebook Views: 24,000 – demonstrating the power of social media in connecting fans.

These numbers paint a picture of a truly remarkable event. From the sheer number of participants to the incredible distances covered, the 24 Hours of Daytona on iRacing solidifies its place as a premier virtual racing competition.

It’s a testament to the dedication of the drivers, the skill of the teams, and the passion of the entire sim racing community.


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