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Max Verstappen: Red Mist Revenge At Golden Toast GP iRacing GT3 Event

Max Verstappen loses his cool and sees red mist in the Golden Toast GP iRacing GT3 event as he seeks out revenge with foul play.

Multiple Formula 1 world champion Max Verstappen loses his cool during the Golden Toast GP iRacing GT3 event after he qualified on pole for the Spa-Francorchamps race.  Earlier in the race German Sven-Ole Haase hit the back of Verstappen’s car sending him into Diogo Pinto. With Max being known as a fully focused racing driver on the Motorsport track, and in sim racing for calculated moves, Max had a moment where enough was enough and decided to unleash some revenge.

Max wanted to catch up to Hasse, with Max seeing red, he decided not use his brakes at the end of the Kemmel straight (to take the quicker track route passing others), and decided to launch into Hasse, with that incident, Max was disqualified from the race.

Max is a fantastic driver in Formula 1, sim racing and other events he participates in. He is a representative of drivers and sporting personalities at the highest level, and that brings me to my point. He should not have done that, pissed off or not, it sends the wrong signal to supporters, sponsors and more, has Max just shown what makes him crack? All we know is, this is what gets under his skin, and with that, his rivals will take full advantage.

Official Report

With an hour and 50 minutes left in the race, Verstappen was in a gaggle of cars as they approached the La Source hairpin. Under braking, Verstappen was clouted from behind by German racer Sven-Ole Haase, resulting in Verstappen going slightly too deep and colliding with Team Redline team-mate Diogo Pinto – both spun out as a result. But the drama didn’t end there, as Verstappen quickly gathered himself back up and returning to racing speed behind the same group of cars as they powered through Eau Rouge, Raidillon, and along the Kemmel Straight. Approaching Les Combes, it was apparent Verstappen had something planned as he stormed through the escape area without having made any attempt at making the corners.

“Max Verstappen, I think, is making a statement,” said the official livestream commentator as he watched Verstappen cut the track. “It’s going to be ugly, just give it a sec. Just wait, just wait, here we go.” Verstappen latched in behind Haase in the braking zone for Bruxelles and didn’t attempt to brake, instead ramming into the back of his antagonist as both flew into the gravel and into the barriers. “Sven Haase not the best friend of Max Verstappen after all that,” summed up the commentator.

Replays showed Haase had initially pushed Verstappen slightly wide through the first half of the Bus Stop chicane, with Verstappen responding by pushing Haase off the track on exit – moments before their more serious collision. “I’m afraid Verstappen has overreacted horrendously to that”, said the commentator watching the replay, with the Dutch driver disqualified from the race seconds later as a consequence.

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