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4000hp Honda Civic for Assetto Corsa

4000hp Honda Civic for Assetto Corsa
Picture credits belong to the mod creator(s)

Now the Honda Civic is a great car, but what if you loaded it with 4000hp and 100psi of boost? Lets find out as this extreme Assetto Corsa Mod is available.

You no longer need to dream of a fast car, this 4000hp Honda Civic Assetto Corsa Mod decimates all. Move over hypercars, there is a new car in town that takes the fast (understatement) title.

If a fire breathing, turbo whistling extreme machine is your thing then you have come to the right place, i hope you are prepared for something extreme in the Assetto Corsa genre. The brilliance of mod creations is, you take an idea and make it your own. MKElite has tuned this car created by Blackhawk and you should grab this all wheel drive car that will make you smile from ear to ear.

We ask as always that users leave constructed feedback to the creators to help with present and future projects. We at Simrace247 like to make the broader community aware of such creations within the sim racing genre, enjoy.

Creators notes:

  • AWD Converted 1999 Honda Civic with over 100PSI of boost!
  • Make sure to turn off damage in game. (That motor ain’t handling that much boost otherwise lol!)
  • To grab this extreme car: MkElite is creating Elite Level Gaming Mods

Gaming mods are a vital core part to the gaming industry, Assetto Corsa would not be the sim racing title it is today without them, F1 has seen its best sim racing cars through mods as well. Titles like rFactor and the Automobilista series have also had their fair share. When we see some of the great creations of cars, tracks, sounds and so much more, we really see how great the sim racing mod community is. Driven by passion and the need to create, the modding community shows some of the greatest designs in the sim racing genre.

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Darren Buckner

Darren Buckner

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