Exclusive: Storm Gang Simulation Trans Am rFactor 2 Mods

Exclusive: Storm Gang Simulation Trans Am rFactor 2 Mods

Storm Gang Simulation announces some new mods in rFactor 2, the Trans Am TA2 2022 and the Trans Am Golden Era. We have an exclusive from SGS!

Storm Gang Simulation has got some new mods that are well worth checking out in rFactor 2, it’s all about the American muscle as the Trans Am TA2 2022 and the Trans Am Golden era steal the limelight. Our great friends have dropped some exclusive information, and we are extremely proud to support our long term partners at Storm Gang Simulation and CMS.

Storm Gang Simulation is pleased to announce a double whammy of a mod release this month for rFactor2. And it’s all-American Muscle, baby! Trans Am TA2 2022 and the Trans Am Golden Era. Both mods are being released together for two premier series that will run at SGS’s partner league, Champion Motorsports, from October through January. Once each series wraps up, the mods are planned for public release to the Steam Workshop.

Trans Am Golden Era: 1968-1972
Trans Am has been around since the 60’s when the muscle car wars kicked off and has been going almost every year since. While the tube frame silhouettes took over in the late 70’s to 80’s, many herald ’68-’72 as the best years of the sport when manufacturer involvement was at an all-time high and the cars were purely American. So loved are these cars, they are still run alongside modern Trans Am racing as part of the SVRA championship.

Storm Gang Simulation has worked in partnership with International Sim Racing (www.internationalsimracing.com) to update and fine tune this amazing group of cars. Featuring the 6 most prolific makes of the day (Ford Mustang, AMC Javelin, Dodge Challenger, Chevy Camaro, Pontiac Firebird & Plymouth Cuda), the Golden Era mod features many updates to the original ISR release including flexible suspension, an overhauled BOP, graphical updates and more. The series will replicate the 1972 season and run at CMS’s MNRL chapter on Tuesday nights, US time, starting late October and running in parallel to the hotly anticipated TA2 series.

Trans Am 2 (TA2) 2022
The modern formula has roots going back to the mid 2000’s…in Scandinavia. By 2011, the class appeared in the US and renamed TA2. From there, it was refined and, in the decade since, became the most popular format. Its rise to dominance is due to the incredibly close racing with high performance and low. NASCAR drivers regularly use TA2 spot races to practice for upcoming road circuits in their schedules. Historic grid sizes have reached into the 50’s, rivaling high profile endurance events. Storm Gang Simulation has lovingly crafted each of the 3 cars represented in the 2022 series: Ford Mustang, Chevy Camaro and Dodge Challenger. Not only do these cars feature the *500hp Choice engine, but also the bespoke manufacturer engines uniquely available for each body style. All versions have the SGS “Smart BOP™” applied so they retain unique characteristics while still being closely competitive across a stint.

Development has been done in concert with Howe Racing Enterprises (https://howeracing.com/), Katech (https://katechengines.com/) and a slew of real TA2 drivers including Rhett Barkau, Dylan Archer, Guy Cosmo, Mike Skeen, Tyler Kicera and more. Along with additional suspension design from SCSR’s Garry Cross, and the exquisitely refined 3D modeling by Brian van Beusekom, this is the most detailed and realistic simulation of modern Trans Am ever produced.

The TA2 championship will kick off with a test race on October 20th and run in Champion Motorsport’s North American Racing Series. From there it will replicate the 2022/23 calendar on the American tracks that these cars call home. Look out for some special guest appearances during the season.

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Storm Gang Simulation is incredibly thankful to the partners and contributors involved with these projects and especially to Don Fryman for getting it started.