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New CSP 1.78 (Preview1) for Assetto Corsa

New CSP 1.78 (Preview1) for Assetto Corsa
Picture by: orangedrink888

Here we go again with more great content in Assetto Corsa, as we all know CSP is an essential piece to your mods collection. Version 1.78 preview1 is here.

Many will know that Content Shaders Patch is one of the most essential mods to have in Assetto Corsa, CSP 1.78 PREV1 raises the bar once again in 2022 with some new additions and extra work to enhance your experience.

New changes in CSP 1.78 

  • Android Auto Creation
  • New Smoke FX
  • New Tire Skidmark FX
  • New Tire Blow Out FX
  • New Spectators
  • Flammable Bails Of Hay
  • Updated Rain FX
  • Lots Of Tweaks & Adjustments Throughout

Thanks to the great work and creation by Ilya, we have these amazing mods for the community to enjoy, be sure to support them.

CSP For Assetto Corsa:  Ilja Jusupov aka x4fab is creating mods

As with all mods, be sure to leave the creators constructive feedback to help with projects and development. Assetto Corsa is a growing and continuous sim racing title that is widely supported by people in the modding community. Not only that, the success of Assetto Corsa has shown many in the gaming community how great sim racing as a genre is.

Assetto Corsa was launched into early access in 2013 and turned 8 years old in November 2021. To this very day, it is still one of the most popular sim racing titles on the market with a hardcore following.

Assetto Corsa has cemented itself in the history books of great gaming titles that will be spoken about for many years.

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