McLaren Speedtail for Assetto Corsa

McLaren Speedtail for Assetto Corsa

The McLaren Speedtail is a car that breaks from the supercar mold and ventures into the stratosphere of high speed and luxury, this Assetto Corsa mod captivates that!

The McLaren Speedtail is an all out example of luxury, power and ferocious speed, this Assetto Corsa mod is a nice example of that blend. Now this car is not your regular McLaren, this is a statement, this is a Hyper GT.

The McLaren Speedtail is a limited-production hypercar unveiled by McLaren Automotive in October 2018. It is the fourth addition to the McLaren Ultimate Series, following the McLaren F1, the P1, and the Senna.

The Speedtail is designed with a focus on high-speed aerodynamic efficiency, and it stands as a spiritual successor to the iconic McLaren F1 with its three-seat layout, with the driver positioned centrally ahead of two passenger seats.

Built and designed with all the modern tech and breakthrough design, this car makes its way into the Assetto Corsa mod collection for people to enjoy.

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