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Women In Sim Racing Elz Indriani Introduction

Women In Sim Racing Elz Indriani Introduction

We are very proud here at simrace247 to support great people in sim racing, we extend our support to women in sim racing with the introduction of Elz Indriani.

As many people may know, simrace247 is proud to have women in sim racing feature here on our site, it is with great pleasure to announce Elz Indriani will feature with her weekly blogs.

Hello everyone! I’m Eliza, people call me El or Elz. Welcome to my introduction blog here in simrace247. I’m so excited to share my journey in sim racing with all of you.

I’ve been playing racing games since I was 7, but I was only a casual player for a long time. As I grew up, I was busy with life, work, and stuff so I don’t really have time to play video games. But in February 2020 I decided to jump back into racing games and try to get into online racing and I fell in love with it ever since. I remember I said to myself, “I want to be good at this.”

My first competitive race was back in December 2020. We were racing in RFactor 2, I had no knowledge of the physics, car setups, and such. It was a pretty bad race for me lol.
Knowing that I was doing bad, I keep on practicing; joining any public lobbies, community races, daily races, everything. And I can say it was a rocky road.

In December 2021 I got my first win in a championship. I never thought I could win the More Female Racers Season 4. When I registered for the event all I want is just to race with other female drivers, learn from them, and have fun. I won the first round (Monza), from that day I got a fire in me, and I said to myself that I want to win this championship. After battling for 6 rounds, they announced me as the winner and It feels like hard work pays off.

So, my first competitive race was in December 2020 and I got my first win in December 2021. I can say I improved. But it’s still a long way to go for me. I’m gonna train harder and do better in 2022.

I’m currently racing in FRL GT3 Championship S1, The Women Championship 2022, FRL British GT Championship, and other single races. I race almost every day and I stream it on my twitch channel.

Thank you so much for reading my story. I’m so happy to be a part of the simrace247 community and get in touch with you guys. I can’t wait to share my journey every week.

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