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Jack Keithley 2022 Virtual Le Mans 24HR rFactor 2 Event

Jack Keithley Virtual Le Mans

Jack Keithley will be heading into the Virtual Le Mans 24hr race this weekend in rFactor 2 to battle it out with the likes of Max Verstappen and more.

Our resident pro eSports sim racing blogger Jack Keithley is racing in the top tier of the Virtual Le Mans 24HR race this weekend in rFactor 2.

Not only that, he will be in the same race and on track with current F1 world champion Max Verstappen and other high profile racers.

We fired some questions over to Jack to see how he is getting on with preparations for the event in the #55 TeamGB BMW

Darren – Jack, it is always great to see you take part in great sim racing events, but this one is special. How do you feel about being on track with the current Formula 1 Champion Max Verstappen?

Jack – “It will be an absolute honour. I know that he raced in the 2020 Virtual Le Mans 24 hour event, but his status has gone up so much ever since that it makes our event this time around feel much bigger. I just hope I don’t come into contact with him. I do not want the whole of Holland on me! ”

Darren – Le Mans is such a spiritual racetrack, how have preparations gone?

Jack – “If you asked me this last week, I would say… pretty bad! But now everything is going very well and we are working hours and hours a day to get everything from the car to the strategy exactly on point.

“We have had a couple of setbacks; a late driver change and someone else in the team having computer problems. We feel we are more prepared for this race so far than any other this season, with less than a week to go, so we hope to keep it on that path! ”

Darren – We are big fans of you here at simrace247, it must be a real buzz knowing we promote you to our community?

Jack – “No doubt, It’s a great boost for me personally. I know that I have got not just fans of mine but people to push me and support me. You guys do an excellent job running the site and producing content for your wonderful viewers, so it’s a privilege that my work can be produced there too. ”

Darren – How are the team feeling ahead of the event?

Jack – “We are feeling good, but we need to keep our heads on the primrose path. The last thing we want to do is feel overconfident and just need to keep pushing and working hard towards this huge race. ”

Darren – With such a high calibre event, I am sure you will be wanting to make your mark against other drivers, proving to them how great you are?

Jack – “I appreciate the use of the word “great”, but for me, it’s more for myself and to prove that I can do this. I have been doing this for over 15 years now, but I firmly believe that you are only as good as your last race. I have a tremendous fanbase that gives me such Joy and I love it. But I need to be happy with how I perform first of all. ”

You can catch up with the race right here: Le Mans Virtual Series – Elite esports event returns


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