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Reiza Studios Have Been Working Hard With Automobilista 2

Reiza Studios Have Been Working Hard With Automobilista 2

We know that game development is a consistent and never ending creation, Reiza Studios has been putting in some hard work with Automobilista 2.

Reiza Studios best known for being the gaming studio for sim racing title Automobilista 2 has been tirelessly working hard on their flagship sim racing title.

As we all know, gaming development is a never ending rabbit hole that will always keep you busy and on your toes.

Moving forward we see how improvements, changes and new additions are coming for the sim racing title, notably one of my all time favourites (pictured above).

Not only that I feel it is very important to credit the work that Reiza studios are doing and may this positive mentality and creativeness pay of for them and the Automobilista 2 community.

Whilst I could go on about many things in sim racing, please visit Automobilista 2 November Development Update Part 2 | Reiza Studios Forum to get all the latest information and development.

About Automobilista 2

Automobilista 2 is the culmination of a project developed over the course of nearly a decade. At its core, it is a comprehensive simulation of the Brazilian motorsports scene, featuring all major Brazilian racing series, race tracks and manufacturers.

Packing an even larger roster of diverse cars and tracks than its predecessor, Automobilista 2 ventures further into the best of international motorsports, including prestigious brands along with iconic venues such as Brands Hatch, Mount Panorama and Imola, at the same time continuing to explore the more exotic and exciting forms of motorsports from around the world.

Boosted by a new technical partnership with the developers of the award-winning Project CARS series, Automobilista 2 is built on the MADNESS engine, providing incredible graphical quality, the most advanced dynamic weather and track condition systems in a racing simulator and superior VR support, to deliver a substantial realism upgrade over its predecessor and a fully immersive visual experience.

The game has a long-term development plan that will see continual developments being made over several years following its release, continually growing with the addition of new game modes, features, cars and tracks from the best of the past, present and future of motorsports!

To find out more or purchase Automobilista 2 visit: AUTOMOBILISTA 2 | MOTORSPORTS SIMULATOR

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Darren Buckner

Darren Buckner

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