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iRacing Named Top Sim Racer Platform of All

iRacing Named Top Sim Racer Platform of All

iRacing is not only one of the most popular but also the top racing simulator currently out there with several reasons to think so, and in this post, we will review them to find out why iRacing is at the top of the racing simulator platforms.

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iRacing History & Significance to the Users

The start of an empire was twelve years ago and recently the popularity of the game has skyrocketed. IRacing isn’t only praised by the die-hard fans that are devoted to the game, but also by professional drivers that have played it. Among the most popular opinions of the game since its return to fame, is that it’s the most realistic game when it comes to physics compared to its rivals Assetto Corsa, F1, and Gran Turismo.

When talking about the other sim racing games available, it was mentioned that they don’t have enough realism when it comes to the vehicles compared to iRacing. Even though the price of the game is a little higher than normal, all users say that it’s worth every penny because it’s realistic and it has plenty of ways to play it. Professional racers have also used iRacing as a way to practice off the track.

iRacing Today: Latest News & Many Available Competitions

In addition to being the most popular sim racing platform in the world, iRacing is also the official simulation partner of NASCAR. They developed the Los Angeles Coliseum together, which will be unveiled in February.

iRacing focuses not only on the “virtual racing career” of the player but also on safe driving. It means that if you are a safe driver, you can get a better license and access to more content. Over the years the game has received many updates and we officially started Season 4 and the official schedule was released soon after. There have also been several updates, which include new cars, like Ferrari GT3 488 Evo, and other improvements.

One of the most appreciated parts of iRacing is its realistic games. If you have a good VR headset, you may experience being a professional driver from your home. There are also plenty of competitive eSeries happening, like the eNASCAR Coca-Cola iRacing Series.

There are plenty of competitions you can enter at a variety of levels, but before you start, you should make sure that you have the technical specs for the game.

Recommended Specs for iRacing

To experience the best races, you will need some type of controller in addition to your PC. The most used types of controllers are gamepads, wheel/pedal combinations, joysticks, and mouse-based controls. Among the top controllers recommended for iRacing are the virtual headsets and the force-feedback steering wheel/pedal control system.

There are three levels of requirements – minimum, recommended, and high-end. If you are interested in more, you can check out the system requirements on the iRacing website. If you want the best experience, you will be looking at an 8-core CPU, 32GB+ RAM, 8GB GPU at least, high internet speed, and DX11.

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