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Rosberg: Simracers will have an advantage

Rosberg: Simracers will have an advantage

As far as we know, F1 will be back on July and drivers are starting to get ready for the season. Nico Rosberg has declared that simulator has been a great advantage for many of them.

Simracing is important

”If I was still racing, I’d be in the simulator for as many hours as possible every day. I’m sure it’ll help you work on your skills. Take Roger Federer. If he wouldn’t train for five months, do you think he can play his first race at a high level?”, said Nico during the broadcast of the virtual GP of Baku.

”I think that the simulator ensures that you maintain a certain level and maybe even improve a little. It will be interesting to see how people come out of the break. Will the drivers who have done a lot of sim racing really have an advantage later on? I think so”

Drivers out of shape

This year won’t be a chance to get ready with winter test and months to know how the car handles. There will be no more tests and season will start as soon as possible, which is a completely different environment that we used to know. There will be many differences.

”I can still remember the first few laps after a winter break. You just notice that you’re not mentally ready for that speed and everything that comes in at the same time. You just feel rusty. The drivers will completely feel that after this huge break and so it’s good that they try to do as much as possible to get themselves ready”, said Nico.

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