iRacing Season 3 2020 Build Update

iRacing has hit the second half of 2020 with the release of a mega update to launch Season 3 with a host of new cars, track updates and a bunch of extra goodies to the popular virtual racing platform.

This season release includes SIX new vehicles, one re-scanned track, one updated track, tire sets, new tires for a variety of vehicles, new AI content, more cars utilizing the New Damage Model, New Damage Model multithreaded processing, XAudio2, and much more! Welcome to iRacing 2020 Season 3!

Some highlights include:
• BMW M4 GT4
• Indy Pro 2000 PM-18
• NASCAR Chevrolet Monte Carlo – 1987
• NASCAR Ford Thunderbird – 1987
• NASCAR Gander Outdoors Ford F150
• USF 2000
• Kentucky Speedway – re-built from new scan data!
• Road America – updated
• Limited Tire Sets
• Quickie cautions, drive-through penalties, and more Race Control updates
• Stockcars, trucks, and some road car tire updates
• 7 more cars utilizing the New Damage Model
• New Damage Model multithreaded processing
• Auto-Exposure Camera System
• XAudio2 API, an updated audio manager, has been integrated into iRacing
• Much more!