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Russell: Its a buzz to win and quite thrilling to be honest

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George Russell’s Formula 1 career thus far has been toiling at the back of the grid for a well under par Williams team, but in the virtual world the Englishman is showing how competitive he is with back-to-back victories against several of his peers, celebs and sports stars.

After victory earlier this month at the Virtual Spanish Grand Prix, at Virtual Monaco on Sunday George did the business again and explained to how it all began, “I first started off doing it for a bit of fun. Trying to provide a bit of entertainment for the hardcore F1 fans who are missing the racing and don’t have anything to support at the moment.

“I soon learned that the competition was high and I didn’t want to just compete to make up the numbers, I wanted to come in to try and win. And when I struggled in [my] first race [at Albert Park], I thought I need to turn this around and put a bit of effort in, and here we go now.”

With two wins in the bag, it is clear that Russell is the benchmark driver among those on the real F1 grid with him. And of course, victories of any form – for a driver who was stellar during his title-winning Formula 2 season, – always sweet.

He added, “It felt great, to be honest, I forgot how much of a buzz it is, winning, and even though it’s virtually, the competitive nature of myself and going up against my pals – winning it is nice. It’s quite thrilling, to be honest.

“I mean, I got more publicity from winning an Esports race than I got from any single Formula 1 race last year by coming around at the back of the grid. So I’m doing everything I can to show the people what I can do, I did that last year, and I’ll try and continue to do that.”

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