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Gran Turismo 7 Known Issues January 2024

Gran Turismo 7 Known Issues January 2024

Every gaming or sim racing title has its imperfections; Gran Turismo 7 is no exception, but its issues are likely to be resolved.

Imperfections are inherent in gaming and sim racing titles, and Gran Turismo 7 is no outlier, with plans in motion to address the identified issues. The highly acclaimed sim racing title has captivated players with its stunning visuals, immersive tracks, and diverse car collection.

However, like any crafted machine, it’s not without its glitches. To ensure a smooth driving experience, Polyphony Digital is constantly working on improvements, and here’s a heads-up on the known issues currently being addressed:

Car Customization Glitch:

  • Issue: Styles created using the Genesis X Gran Berlinetta Vision Gran Turismo Concept and BVLGARI Aluminium Vision Gran Turismo, distributed on January 25, 2024, cannot be applied to other cars.
  • Workaround: Until a fix arrives, avoid applying styles saved with these specific cars. Edit and save styles only with cars redistributed on January 30, 2024, or purchased in Brand Central. To declutter your garage, consider deleting the cars and styles associated with the January 25th distribution.

Application Crash:

  • Issue: In certain Race Events, the game crashes at the Rewards and Rating screen, halting further progress.
  • Status: Polyphony Digital is aware of the issue and a fix is planned for a future update.

Multiplayer Hiccups:

  • Lobby Glitches: Three issues have been identified in Lobbies:
    • “Preparing” getting stuck, preventing the Host from starting the race (fixed by all players leaving and rejoining the room).
    • Players disappearing from the member list or race, causing an application error at race start.
    • Completing a race not registering progress.
  • Status: These issues are also slated for a future update.

Stay Informed, Stay Racing:

Polyphony Digital is actively resolving these issues and regularly updates the official Gran Turismo 7 website with the latest information. By being aware of these known problems, you can adjust your gameplay accordingly and avoid frustration.

While you wait for the fixes, let’s focus on what Gran Turismo 7 does best: delivering exhilarating racing experiences across iconic circuits and behind the wheel of legendary cars.

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