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RaceRoom Force Feedback and Handling Update

RaceRoom Force Feedback and Handling Update

Experience the latest RaceRoom Force Feedback and Handling Update designed to elevate realism and responsiveness on the track.

The latest RaceRoom update delivers a double dose of precision and control, with enhanced handling for non-wheel controllers and a resolved Force Feedback (FFB) issue in the Audi TT Cup 2015/2016.

Gearing Up for More Control:

  • Say goodbye to twitchy turning! The default steering lock for non-wheel controllers is now set to a smoother 18 degrees, offering a more balanced and realistic driving experience.
  • New speed-sensitive steering settings add another layer of finesse. These optional adjustments, accessible to both new and existing players, fine-tune steering based on your car’s velocity.

Existing Drivers: You’re in the driver’s seat! Choose between the default profile or manually apply the recommended speed-sensitive settings (Speed Sensitive Steering = 60%, Min Steering Speed = 30, Max Steering Speed = 90) for a personalized driving experience.

FFB Feels Fine-Tuned: The Audi TT Cup 2015/2016 is back on track with a fix for the FFB issue, ensuring a more immersive and responsive connection to the virtual asphalt.

RaceRoom keeps pushing the boundaries of sim racing, ensuring every driver, regardless of their controller setup, can experience the precision of racing. So, fire up your engines, hit the track, and feel the difference!

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Darren Buckner

Darren Buckner

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