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GRG Free/Starter Pack Silhouettes Series in RaceRoom

GRG Free/Starter Pack Silhouettes Series in RaceRoom

Check out the upcoming GRG Silhouettes Series in RaceRoom that features free and starter pack cars and circuits.

Get ready for the exciting GRG Free/Starter Pack Silhouettes Series in RaceRoom, beginning on Thursday, January 11th at 20:00 ET. This series offers a unique opportunity for racing enthusiasts to compete on the virtual tracks of RaceRoom using either the free or starter packs. It’s a perfect platform for both new and experienced racers to showcase their skills.

Starting on Thursday, January 11th at 20:00 ET [January 11, 2024 8:00 PM]


[8:00 PM] Practice: 10 Minutes
[8:10 PM] Qualifying: 15 Minutes
[8:25 PM] Warmup: 3 Minutes
[8:28 AM] Race 1: 15 Minutes
[8:43 AM] Warmup: 3 Minutes
[8:46 AM] Race 2: 15 Minutes

Special Rules:

Max of 1 driver per livery
All Silhouette cars are available
Top 10 Reverse Grid for Race 2
2 Drop Races


For more info check ⁠grg-rules-and-regulations

Sign up is available in the discord

About RaceRoom

Dive into the adrenaline-fueled world of RaceRoom, where you can access a vast selection of free-to-play race cars and tracks. This extensive variety ensures endless hours of racing, available in both engaging multiplayer battles and immersive single-player modes.

Experience top-tier racing and participate in sponsored competitions and other exclusive events, all without any cost.

Purchasing content in RaceRoom uses transactions that are made using the designated in-game currency, vRP, which you can easily acquire through your Steam Wallet.

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