More known Issues and Solutions in Gran Turismo 7

More known Issues and Solutions in Gran Turismo 7
Polyphony has always been very good at addressing issues and fixes.

The following is an updated list of current known issues and glitches in Gran Turismo 7, along with temporary solutions where available.

Polyphony addresses some more issues within the Gran Turismo 7 racing title, knowing these exist and are being looked at is great clarity for the GT7 community as fixes will be on the way.

Be assured that the Polyphony team is working on resolving these issues. In the meantime, temporary workarounds have been provided for some of these problems to ensure your gaming experience remains as uninterrupted as possible. Detailed information about each specific issue and the recommended temporary measures are provided below for your convenience.

These issues are currently being addressed.

Gran Turismo 7 – Known Issues

  1. Livery Editor Issues:
    • Some cars with custom wings experience incorrect painting on wing end plates when the whole car is painted.
  2. World Circuits Bugs:
    • Performance Points (PP), crucial for selecting rival cars and calculating bonus rewards in Quick and Custom Races, are inaccurately based on pre-tuning PP values.
  3. Sport Mode Anomalies:
    • Instances where the Driver Rating (DR) appears to decrease.
  4. Controller Vibrations Malfunction:
    • Vibration output issues occur when ‘Vibration Strength’ is set to 130 or higher in ‘Options’. Affected controllers include:
      • DualSense™ Wireless Controller (Only in PS5® version)
      • Thrustmaster® T-GT / T-GT II
      • Logitech® G G923
      • Logitech® G PRO Racing Wheel
    • Temporary Fix: Set ‘Vibration Strength’ to 125 or lower to avoid issues.
  5. Application Error and Progression Blocker:
    • Game crashes at the Rewards and Rating screen in certain Race Events, halting progress.
  6. Multiplayer Glitches:
    • ‘Lobby’ issues preventing race start; workaround involves all members leaving and re-entering.
    • Players in the same ‘Lobby’ not visible on the member list or in-race, leading to application errors when the host initiates the race.
    • Post-race progression issues in ‘Lobby’.