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Gran Turismo 7: Known Issues and Recommended Actions

Gran Turismo 7: Known Issues and Recommended Actions
Rest assured, Polyphony will fix these issues in Gran Turismo 7

Certain issues have arisen within Gran Turismo 7, he we have a workaround list for you to look at and remedy.

Polyphony has been aware of several issues within Gran Turismo 7 that may affect your gameplay experience. From Performance Points miscalculations in World Circuits to anomalies in vibration feedback for certain controllers, here are the key points and areas that require attention.

Rest assured, they are actively working on solutions. Meanwhile, provided temporary workarounds have been issued where possible to help you continue enjoying the game with minimal disruption. Please read on for detailed descriptions of each issue and suggested interim measures.

World Circuits:

  • Issue: Incorrect Performance Points (PP) calculation in Quick Races and Custom Races.
  • Current Impact: Affects rival car selection and bonus rewards.
  • Temporary Workaround: Be aware of potential mismatches in competition until a fix is implemented.

Sport Mode:

  • Issue: Driver Rating (DR) visually decreases even when it should not.
  • Note to Players: This may be a display error; your true rating might not be affected.

Controller Feedback:

  • Issue: Vibration feedback not working correctly for certain controllers when ‘Vibration Strength’ exceeds 129.
  • Affected Controllers: DualSense™ Wireless Controller (PS5® version), Thrustmaster® T-GT / T-GT II, Logitech® G G923, Logitech® G PRO Racing Wheel.
  • Recommended Action: Set the vibration value to ‘125’ or lower to ensure proper functionality.

Application Stability:

  • Issue: Game crashes on the Rewards and Rating screen after certain Race Events.
  • Consequence: Progression is blocked.
  • Advisory: Avoid these events until a patch is released.


  • Issue 1: Instances where the ‘Preparing’ status is stuck, preventing race start.
  • Solution: Have all members exit and rejoin the lobby to reset the status.
  • Issue 2: Players not appearing in the member list or during races, leading to an application error.
  • Advice: If players are missing from the list, do not start the race; instead, attempt to re-sync by having affected players rejoin.
  • Issue 3: Completing a race sometimes does not allow further progression.
  • Suggestion: Record instances to report to support while awaiting a fix.
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