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New Fresh User Interface For Trackmania

New Fresh User Interface For Trackmania

After listening to its community, Trackmania has announced it will release a new and fresh user interface for its racing title.

Showing off a new and fresh user interface on its racing title is those over at Trackmania with a nice upgraded and clean design.

We’ve listened to your feedback throughout the year, and what better time than the prestigious tournament to unveil highly anticipated features in a completely renewed user interface. This upgrade aims to make it easier to follow Trackmania competitive games and provide greater depth for dedicated fans.

The new interface aligns with in-game mods, featuring main colors of beige and red. It also presents a more refined and cleaner design compared to the previous version.


We recognize the significance of comprehending the pace and consistency of players under intense pressure. With the new interface, you’ll gain access not only to current live world records for all tracks but also to every player’s personal best performance throughout the World Championship events.

Beyond merely displaying players’ times on each track, we felt it important to convey the performance and skills of both players and teams on the tracks they compete on. To address this, we’re introducing a statistical metric that tracks the percentage of rounds where a player experienced crashes on a track, as well as the number of first-place finishes achieved. These insights will evolve as the player participates in various events.


Over time, we’ve recognized that pivotal moments during a race often depended on spectators making educated guesses from the Live Ranking. For example, prior to this interface, if a player respawned while outside of your field of vision, you had to wait for upcoming checkpoints to gauge their progress and the difficulty of their comeback. With the new interface’s Live Feed feature, you’ll receive real-time notifications when a player respawns, surpasses their personal best, or even breaks the current World Record. Our aspiration is that this live feed will render competitive Trackmania much more approachable for viewing and comprehension.


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