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Apex Point Update V0.033

Apex Point Update V0.033

Apex Point is an open world racing simulator set in Japan, whilst still in early access, progression and work carry’s on with update V0.033.

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Early Access Game

Get instant access and start playing; get involved with this game as it develops. Note: This Early Access game is not complete and may or may not change further. If you are not excited to play this game in its current state, then you should wait to see if the game progresses further in development.




  • Added various engine modifications for up to 2xx WHP


  • Added a new drag wing


  • Fixed some parts
  • Added fuel tank


  • Added a cowl induction hood
  • Added a new kit
  • Added fuel tank


Common parts:
  • Added a new lightweight drag seat
  • Added a new steering wheel
  • Added a new 13&14 inch rim “SSP Shark”


  • Added a realistic fuel system based on RPM, load, and fuel type
  • Added a new car (C35)
  • You can now shut off the car
  • New dynamic HUD for all cars
  • Added water temperature based on speed, RPM, Load, and various other factors
  • working fuel gauges and water temperature on all cars
  • Reworked the ABS on all cars
  • Improved turbo system
  • Improved inertia on “FD3S”
  • Reworked engine friction and inertia for smoother revs


  • Improved SSR
  • Added SSGI (on by default)
  • Improved indirect lighting
  • Improved skies
  • Major improvements for realtime reflections
  • Improved vignette
  • Improved motion blur
  • New 2JZ sounds
  • New 22RE sounds
  • Improved 4AGE sound mixing


  • Expanded the map to the west side of daikoku (near the fuel station)
  • Added more landmarks
  • Added the in-door karting track again
  • Improved elevation
  • Added light poles around the drift track
  • Added lights and details for the multi-store parking lot
  • Improved the fuel station at night
  • Various fixes


  • Fixed the inverted tire textures on the right side of cars
  • Fixed most of the cursor bugs
  • Fixed the clipping point getting stuck at the drift event
  • Fixed the “AE86” low starter torque
  • Fixed the garage UI tips staying on after clicking on the button
  • Fixed the broken steering (requires new suspension arms)


  • Added the possibility to name your cars when you buy them from the dealer
  • Added car model year + name in the parking menu
  • Added a slider for the parked car list
  • Improved loading times


  • Added a drift event at the indoor track with 5 clipping points
  • Added a short (1 lap) time attack at the indoor track


Important notes
  • In case you had a car with broken steering animation please replace suspension arms
  • In case the car didn’t steer correctly as if it is crab walking please sell the car and buy another car
  • New profile is highly recommended but not essential

Apex Point is an open world racing simulator that takes place in Japan and is created in Unity 3D. Featuring detailed yet accessible first-person customization and tuning, players can modify their cars to suit any of the multiple available racing types, be it drag racing, drifting, street racing or fully legal track racing. In Apex Point, players can live their automotive dreams, swapping between disciplines at their will, building their career as both a racer and car enthusiast.

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