VRC Season 2: Wales Rally

VRC Season 2: Wales Rally

If you are looking to join a great WRC community, now is your chance as VRC season 2 is underway with the rally of Wales.

Season 2 is underway for the VRC community in WRC, Wales is the next venue, and you are invited to join in with the rally action.

The Schedule

VRC consists of two championships, WRC2 (beginner championship) & WRC (advanced championship). Each championship will be a minimum of 6 rounds with 8 stages in each round. Each championship round will last for 7 days meaning drivers will have a whole week to complete the 8 stages in each round.

The championships will run on alternating weeks with WRC2 always starting first followed by WRC a week later

How to take Part

Drivers must join the VRC Discord server and complete the entry list form before competing. We use the ‘Clubs’ feature in game and need to make sure that drivers names match up with their steam user name and Discord user name.

Once drivers have joined the Discord and completed the entry list form they must find the VRC Club in the WRC game. To do this you should follow these steps:

1) Open WRC Generations
2) Go to the Clubs mode in Multiplayer section
3) Filter list by A-Z and look for “1.VirtualRallyChampionship.com”
4) Click apply and await access to be granted
5) Compete in the events

Virtual Rally Championship

Twitter: Virtual Rally Championship (@VRallyChamp) / Twitter

Discord: Discord

Website: Virtual Rally Championship – WRC10 League


The Virtual Rally Championship is designed for those looking for an authentic rally league. Using WRC Generations the aim is to provide a realistic WRC championship using the most realistic settings possible. VRC aims to bring an exciting level of competition to drivers of all levels of experience.

Simrace247 is proud to support a great rally league as a partner: Virtual Rally Championship WRC 10 League