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Karting Superstars Update: TV camera, Spectator Mode and More

Karting Superstars Update: TV camera, Spectator Mode and More

A new Karting Superstars update has been released that features a TV camera, better spectator mode, and faster track creation.

The latest Karting Superstars update brings exciting new features like a TV camera, improved spectator mode, and a faster track creation pipeline. Plus, enjoy smoother online racing and refined gameplay.

What’s New in Update 1.0.7?

  • Enhanced Spectating: Watch the action unfold with a brand-new spectator mode (Beta). Follow your friends’ races from unique camera angles and capture epic moments.
  • Custom Lobby UX Makeover (Beta): Create and manage custom races with ease thanks to a streamlined new lobby user experience.
  • Centrifuge Gets a TV Close-up: Experience the race like never before with a dedicated TV camera added to the popular Centrifuge (Club) track.
  • Faster Track Creation: Get ready for even more exciting tracks! Our new art pipeline allows us to create them much faster, bringing you fresh racing experiences sooner.
  • Smoother Online Racing: Enjoy improved net code with enhanced rigid-body synchronization for a more seamless online racing experience.
  • Track Refinements and Replay Camera: Existing tracks receive visual touch-ups and camera improvements for an even more immersive racing experience.

About Karting Superstars 

Karting Superstars is a charming racing game that captures the exciting and competitive world of karting. Inspired to condense the thrill and beauty of racing, we’ve dedicated our love, time, and craft into this new game that builds on the celebrated taste of Circuit Superstars.

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