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Need for Speed Unbound Year 2 Roadmap

Need for Speed Unbound Year 2 Roadmap

Criterion Games announces its year 2 roadmap for Need for Speed Unbound, will it return the franchise to its former glory?

Need for Speed Unbound has recently announced its year 2 roadmap, which outlines the upcoming content and challenges for the game. While fans of the game are excited to see what’s in store, there could be some concern that the new content may not be enough to fully satisfy the player base.

Only time will tell if the year 2 roadmap for Need for Speed Unbound will meet the expectations of the players.

Criterion Games

Our vision is that through our second year of live service, you can, for the first time, begin to play the ultimate NFS experience in one place. Your feedback and gameplay will help shape the future of this iconic franchise. As you play, we will be listening, observing and reacting to the things you want to see and those you don’t.


About Need for Speed Unbound

Streets Talk:

Unbound’s narrative unfolds through a tapestry of phone calls, cutscenes, and in-game radio chatter. Your crew, including the ever-supportive Zaya and the enigmatic Ryder, offer guidance, challenges, and glimpses into the city’s underbelly. You’ll forge rivalries with arrogant racers like Razor and face the relentless pursuit of Lt. Chase, determined to shut down the scene.

The Price of Speed:

The cops aren’t the only risk. Every race carries a Heat level, measured in police pursuit intensity. Escape or risk losing your hard-earned winnings. Manage your Heat smartly, as takedowns are exhilarating but costly. Utilize police chases strategically to earn bonus rep and push your skills to the limit.

Customisation Kings:

Unbound isn’t just about speed; it’s about expressing your unique style. A mind-boggling array of visual customizations lets you adorn your car with decals, spoilers, and vibrant wraps. Every race win unlocks new options, transforming your ride into a testament to your personality and prowess.

Gameplay Glitz:

The story is interwoven with electrifying gameplay moments. Linkups, spontaneous street challenges, test your reflexes and style. Drift through tight corners, launch off ramps with perfect timing, and rack up massive combos while pulling off near-impossible feats. The city becomes your playground, teeming with hidden challenges and shortcuts to discover.

The Grand Prize Awaits:

Culminating four weeks of relentless competition, The Grand beckons. This ultimate test pits you against the best, demanding everything you’ve learned and pushing your car to its absolute limits. Do you have what it takes to be crowned Lakeshore’s champion?

Beyond the Finish Line:

Unbound’s story doesn’t end with The Grand. Regular content updates fuel the flames with new cars, races, and challenges, ensuring your journey through Lakeshore remains fresh and exciting.

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