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SnowRunner Season 12: Public Energy – Drive Green in North Carolina 

SnowRunner Season 12: Public Energy – Drive Green in North Carolina 

Explore the untamed wilderness of North Carolina with SnowRunner Season 12: Public Energy, where green sustainability takes the wheel.

Gear up for an off-road adventure like no other! SnowRunner Season 12: Public Energy is here, transporting you to the scenic and green landscapes of North Carolina. Buckle up and explore four sprawling new maps brimming with challenges and fresh experiences.

Key Features:

  • Traverse Diverse North Carolina: Immerse yourself in the lush greenery of North Carolina across four distinct maps. Navigate winding tracks, conquer rugged terrain, and discover hidden secrets within charming farmlands, sprawling fields, and an awe-inspiring water dam.
  • Master New Challenges: Put your off-roading skills to the test with a range of engaging activities. Haul essential cargo for a nuclear power plant construction, support local farmers by delivering water tanks, contribute to scientific research efforts, and monitor the environmental impact of the project.
  • Expand Your Fleet: Two formidable new vehicles join the roster. Take command of the MTB 8106 Rock Grinder, a powerful scout effortlessly traversing any terrain, and the FEMM 37-AT, a heavy-duty truck built to handle the toughest deliveries.
  • Express Yourself in Style: Personalize your trucks with a set of 10 new thematic stickers, available for all players as a free update.

Why You Should Play:

  • Unleash Your Inner Explorer: Discover untouched regions of North Carolina, each offering unique landscapes and secrets to uncover.
  • Contribute to a Meaningful Project: Feel the impact of your actions as you aid in the construction of a renewable energy source and support the local community.
  • Test Your Off-Road Prowess: Tackle diverse challenges that demand precision, skill, and strategic thinking.
  • Expand Your SnowRunner Experience: Season 12 adds fresh content and variety to your SnowRunner journey, keeping you engaged for hours on end.

Available Now:

SnowRunner Season 12: Public Energy is available now for free to Year 3 Pass and 3rd Anniversary Edition owners. Dive into the verdant landscapes of North Carolina and embark on an unforgettable off-road adventure!

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