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Grid Finder Poised to Grow After Joining US Based Motorsports Group RAFA Racing Club

Grid Finder Poised to Grow After Joining US Based Motorsports Group RAFA Racing Club

Grid Finder, an online community racing platform founded in late 2020 by veteran and first-time founder Thomas Stapley-Bunten, has been acquired by US-based motorsports group, RAFA Racing Club.

RAFA Racing Club has acquired sim racing community platform, Grid Finder. Grid Finder will join the RAFA family of brands with a shared vision to build the world’s largest online racing platform, providing value to sim racers, gamers and motorsport enthusiasts around the world.

Grid Finder was started by Tom Stapley-Bunten as a hobby project in late 2020 with the aim of helping online racing gamers find communities to race with across PlayStation, XBOX and PC on games such as F1, Gran Turismo & Forza. Later, Chris Honniball (CIO) and Nikhil Patel (CTO) joined the team to develop the technology platform.

The platform has grown to host over 3,000 racing communities and had over 500,000 drivers use the platform to find online racing. The team recently hosted activations with Formula E and Porsche Motorsport North America and is currently working with several gaming studios to build direct integrations between their games and Grid Finder.

RAFA Racing Club is building a network of venues, content and experiences for motorsports and sports car fans around the world. Starting in Houston and Austin, and expanding to Europe in 2024, the clubs will provide a space for motorsports fans and drivers to share their passion for racing. The clubs will play host to a suite of facilities including gyms, sim racing training centres and more.

The Grid Finder team plans to scale the platform throughout 2024, providing more tools for sim racers, league managers, livery designers, modders, engineers, broadcasters, commentators and stewards. In addition, the team will become pivotal in building tech capability across the whole of the RAFA family of brands.

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