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F1 Manager 23 Update 1.10 Addresses and Fixes Many Issues

F1 Manager 23 Update 1.10 Addresses and Fixes Many Issues
Racing on with updates and fixes in F1 Manger 23

The latest Update for F1 Manager 23 1.10 is now live! This update brings a host of improvements and fixes, focusing on enhancing game stability, race simulation, team management, and overall presentation.


Game Stability:

  • Crash Fixes: Resolved an issue causing crashes during multi-car collisions.
  • GPU Stability: Implemented further improvements to GPU performance.

Race Simulation:

  • Pit Releases: Enhanced the system to avoid unnecessary delays.
  • Strategy Commands: Adjusted ‘Avoid Kerbs’ command for better cornering speed control.
  • Tyre Wear: Increased base tyre wear for Attack and Aggressive modes, enhancing strategy options.

Team Management:

  • Design Centre: Addressed an issue where the design centre remained closed longer than announced.


  • Car Screens: Upgraded visuals to better display part states.
  • Staff Additions: Added a new staff photo for Jonathan Wheatley.
  • Career Histories: Fixed missing career history for Lance Stroll (2022).
  • Contract Alerts: Added alert icons for contracts nearing expiry.
  • Data View: Introduced a ‘Data Not Available’ state to replace blank screens.
  • UI Improvements: Various fixes and enhancements, including adjustments to button sensitivity and UI elements.


  • Engineer Interactions: Corrected animations where engineers interacted incorrectly with the environment.


  • Circuit Maps: Updated DRS zones for the Miami circuit.
  • Visual Fixes: Resolved issues with grass, clocks, and foliage in various tracks.

Race Replay:

  • Starting Grid Display: Fixed the ‘undefined’ issue for polesitters in Hungary.
  • Race Moment Recap: Ensured correct display of player’s best finishing positions.

This update is a step forward in refining the game, providing a more stable, realistic, and enjoyable experience.

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