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ESL R1 2023 Fall Season: Round 3 Winners

ESL R1 2023 Fall Season: Round 3 Winners

Following an exhilarating set of races at Round 3 of the ESL R1 2023 Fall Season, Maximilian Benecke emerged victorious from the final.

After four Knockout rounds and 1 Semi-Final race in the ESL R1 2023 Fall Season, it was Maximilian Benecke from MOUZ who took the top spot and the cash prize from the round of €1,000, with R8G eSports’ Jiri Toman and MOUZ’s Moritz Löhner trailing behind with €400 and €150 respectively.

The full standings for Round 3 are as follows:

  1. Maximilian Benecke – Cash prize: €1,000
  2. Jiri Toman – Cash prize: €400
  3. Moritz Löhner – Cash prize: €150
  4. Eamonn Murphy
  5. Luke Bennett
  6. Erhan Jajovski
  7. Dayne Warren
  8. Dáire McCormack
  9. Yuri Kasdorp
  10. Jamie “Jamie” Fluke
  11. Kevin Siggy
  12. Isaac “Isaac” Price


The next exciting round of the ESL R1 2023 Fall Season will be taking place on September 28 – 29, with viewers being able to tune in live from the official ESL R1 Twitch channel.

Fans also have the opportunity to win a beta code for RENNSPORT, with details being distributed during each stream. The first two rounds have been a beta key bonanza, and the trend is set to continue in the coming weeks.


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