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Yas Marina Circuit Mod for Assetto Corsa

Yas Marina Circuit Mod for Assetto Corsa

Yas Marina is a stunning circuit that is situated in Abu Dhabi and this Assetto Corsa mod is worth a look.

Discover the essence of this captivating circuit with this alluring Yas Marina Assetto Corsa mod. Forget ordinary lap times, Yas Marina beckons with an orchestrated dance of speed, elegance, and architectural allure. This isn’t just a racetrack; it’s a symphony of motorsport under the Arabian sun, and this mesmerizing Assetto Corsa mod lets you conduct the exhilarating crescendo.



Mod NameYas Marina Circuit Mod for Assetto Corsa
PlatformAssetto Corsa
Content IncludedStunning GP Circuit in UAE
Features5.281 km Circuit, Long Straight of 1.14 km
Future Features
Download StatusAvailable now

Abu Dhabi’s Crown Jewel:

Nestled in the glittering metropolis of Abu Dhabi, Yas Marina was born in 2009 and has become a synonym for F1 climaxes and heart-pounding duels. Witness championship dreams forged, rivalries reignited, and history rewritten within its serpentine embrace. This isn’t just a course; it’s a crucible where champions are made.

Where Records Dance:

Feel the echoes of Max Verstappen’s record-breaking 1:26.103 lap, a testament to Yas Marina’s unforgiving demands and thrilling potential. This isn’t just asphalt; it’s a canvas for pushing limits and etching your name among the legends.

Beyond the Finish Line:

Yas Marina’s magic extends beyond the checkered flag. Its seating capacity of 60,000 pulsates with the energy of motorsport fans, while its expansive 400-acre footprint whispers tales of meticulous design and ambitious dreams.

With a length of 5.281 km and a longest straight of 1.14 km, Yas Marina is a playground for speed. But it’s the subtle 10.7m elevation change that adds the spice – a constant test of precision and nerve, demanding respect and rewarding mastery.

This Assetto Corsa mod isn’t just a digital racetrack; it’s a portal to Yas Marina’s captivating aura. It’s your chance to weave your legend under the desert sun, feel the adrenaline surge through your virtual veins, and experience the intoxicating blend of speed and sophistication that defines this modern marvel.

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