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Circuit Zandvoort Mod for Assetto Corsa

Circuit Zandvoort Mod for Assetto Corsa
Picture credit: Circuit Zandvoort

The Zandvoort circuit is full of great twists and turns that slingshot you like a rollercoaster, this Assetto Corsa mod is a must have.

Situated in the captivating northern expanse of Holland, the illustrious Circuit Zandvoort stands as a testament to the adrenaline-fueled passion for motorsports that permeates the region.

Host to the exhilarating Dutch F1 Grand Prix, this finely-tuned and technically challenging track has etched its place in the hearts of racing enthusiasts worldwide, making the Circuit Zandvoort Assetto Corsa mod an indispensable addition to any collection.

Spanning a length of 4.259 kilometers (2.646 miles) and boasting an intricate network of 14 expertly crafted turns, the circuit has seen its fair share of racing legends conquer its twists and turns, with the esteemed Jim Clark reigning supreme with an impressive four victories.

Notably, the lap record stands at a breathtaking 1 minute 19 seconds 511 milliseconds, set by none other than the remarkable Max Verstappen in 2021.

Located in Zandvoort, North Holland, Netherlands, the circuit pulsates with the energy of motorsport aficionados, accommodating up to 105,000 fervent spectators within its confines.

Owned by the esteemed Prince Bernhard of Orange-Nassau and Menno de Jong, the circuit’s rich history dates back to its inauguration on the 7th of August, 1948, bearing witness to a multitude of significant events and evolutions under its former names, Circuit van Zandvoort (1948-1988) and Circuit Park Zandvoort (1989–2016).

Beyond hosting the iconic Formula One Dutch Grand Prix, the circuit has welcomed an array of prestigious events such as the GT World Challenge Europe, DTM, FIA WTCR Race of the Netherlands, and the Masters of Formula 3, solidifying its status as a cornerstone of the global motorsport calendar.

With its rich legacy, unparalleled atmosphere, and challenging layout, Circuit Zandvoort epitomizes the thrill and excitement that embody the essence of top-tier racing.


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