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Gaming is a Competitive Arena For Millions of Players Around The World

Gaming is a Competitive Arena For Millions of Players Around The World

The modern age has shown the popularity of gaming around the world with millions of players taking part in the competitive virtual world.

The world of gaming is a competitive arena that has the attention of millions of players around the world, with so many people playing games, what is it all about?

For those that are new to the gaming industry, you are about to enter a world that captivates so many people on a competitive challenge within the virtual world. The story starts with you, the gamer and your favourite or new gaming title on PC, gaming consoles or smartphones. Gaming in the past was seen as something where people were lazy and just sat in front of a screen for a duration playing a title, the truth is, these stereotypes are far from that. Gamers have skills, and not just within the game, but physical, cognitive and puzzle solving skills and more for those that game.

The Social Side of Gaming

With gaming being so popular, many gamers like to hit their favourite streaming platforms to show off their skills and gaming title, think of it as a dedicated tv channel where you and the game are the star. Like gaming itself, this is also big business just like an online casino, with some content creators and streamers making good money for their streams on platforms such as Twitch and Youtube with massive communities all based around you.

Gaming Competitive Arena Millions Players World

Gaming Hardware

As we mentioned earlier, games can be played on PC, gaming consoles and smartphones. For PC users, the hardware capabilities can be very versatile, high refresh monitors, powerful graphics cards, high performance mouse and keyboards, the list goes on and on. Gaming consoles are great, but have limitations with what extra peripherals can be used, along with the console hardware being locked to its graphical potential unlike PC users. Smartphones are handy for those quick fire games on the go, they may not be as high fidelity as gaming consoles and PC games, but do have that free roam capability.

Gaming Competitive Arena Millions Players World

Esports, the next level

Esports is the realm that hits the heights of the pro level gamers, as we mentioned before, gaming is competitive, Esports pits you against the best in the world, where rising stars and teams battle it out for great prizes and high stakes cash payouts. To some extent, we have even seen some racers in the sim racing genre win real world driving opportunities and race in motorsport.

Popular Gaming Titles

If we are going to talk about gaming, what are the hottest games being played right now with monthly players. Tiles such as Valorant have an average of 22 million monthly players, CSGO ups the ante with 35 million average players and the most played game is Minecraft with a whooping 173 million average monthly players. As with many gaming titles, popularity does not always mean a greater experience for the players enjoyment. We often see a spike in trends for a gaming title, where only the hardcore will stick around, whilst the majority of the crowd moves onto the next big thing.

To summarize

Gaming is all about you, and what peaks your interest. You will come across many varieties to choose from, but play the field of different gaming genres and find your niche titles and themes of games, their is so much to enjoy and participate in.


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