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Cheating In 2023 MotoGP eSports Championship

Cheating In 2023 MotoGP eSports Championship

Its a real shame that high prolific events like the 2023 MotoGP eSports Championship challenge has seen people feel the need to take up cheating.

With the challenge series for the 2023 MotoGP eSports Championship underway, cheating has raised its ugly head as the fastest racer for challenge 2 santanagang, has been found “to be in breach of glitch abusing”. Now many of you will say, is it the gaming titles fault as the glitch was within the game and the racer had exploited it, there is a case there to be had. We know many, even in real world motorsport, will test and exercise the rules and boundaries to gain an advantage, and it is down to the stewards and regulators to take action on these issues.

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Within the gaming industry, cheating and exploiting has been rampant, and needs to be addressed and fixed by the gaming developers to implement a zero tolerance of third party programs and cheats, as well as ironing out the glitches within their gaming titles.

MotoGP releases an official statement

There has been a change to the final standings of the second Online Challenge, with 26_Adrian now the holder of the fastest lap time from the European entrants.

The gamer santanagang, who had previously set the fastest time, was found to be in breach of glitch abusing in order to set a faster lap time during the Challenge. This abuse was believed to provide more traction in the wet conditions set during the Challenge, where games had to set the fastest time possible around the Silverstone Circuit using Maverick Viñales’ Aprilia RS-GP 23.

As a result, santanagang has been disqualified from the Draft Stage and his points accrued from the two Challenges until now have been deleted. 26_Adrian was the fastest gamer of Online Challenge #2 with a time of 2’03.336.

The course of action was followed as DORNA has a right to take decisions to guarantee the fair play and to ensure the spirit of the MotoGP™ eSport Championship is upheld.

After every Challenge, DORNA may check the laps, times and any other relevant data in order to check the fair development and competition.

The Third Online Challenge starts today and runs for five days until Sunday 16th July.


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