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Gaming Gets The Film Treatment With Fast & The Furious Tie In

Gaming Gets The Film Treatment With Fast & The Furious Tie In

The Fast & The Furious Film Writer David Ayer speaks out on the possibility of entering into the gaming genre.

David Ayer, Film writer for The Fast & The Furious is looking at his next project in the gaming industry. The gaming industry has changed significantly over the last 30 years, in particular, when it comes to the quality of game play graphics, and then, the ability of new, complex gaming engines that now push boundaries and deliver gaming experiences across formats and some gaming apps that simply could not have been envisaged even a few years ago.

With games becoming more complex, more movie like and far more immersive as an overall experience, projects are already underway to exploit the full capabilities of the most recently released gaming consoles, and some projects are now even trying to utilise NFT’s to further a players experience. Plenty of investors believe that the odds on a good return here are a safe bet given the billions that have now been put into blockchain gaming, and whilst it would obviously be a massive risk for an individual to speculate in this way, they may be able to find more normal betting odds in a more usual way if they wanted to take a flutter on gaming as an industry will now develop.

The writer of The Fast and the Furious, David Ayer, is now making his own move into Web3 and he will be looking to bring his own successful brand of Tokyo drifting into this entertainment sphere with an NFT racing game. He has agreed to partner up with, an NFT focused technology platform, in an attempt to produce a fully immersive car racing experience called ‘Lollipop’.

Real details about the project are thin on the ground at this stage, but it has been confirmed that it will run on Layer 2 blockchain Polygon and that it will combine and feature ‘elements of episodic streaming, gaming, and professional sports’. The idea and the approach that they plan to take fits perfectly into what CEO Steven Ilous has previously explained is his own belief of what the future landscape of media entertainment will eventually look like.

The NFT element here is quite intriguing, and the full plan on that front is currently being kept under wraps, with Ilous simply stating that he views Lollipop as the perfect opportunity ‘to really create next generation content that is built for how audiences are consuming content these days’.

Parallels can certainly be made with The Fast and the Furious franchise given how successful that has proven to be, so in knowing that it will be built on Unreal Engine 5, it will likely feature high powered, top end cars, death defying stunts and very likely some glorious explosions and action sequences.

Ayer is on record as saying

“I’m excited to be working with the team at Polygon on ‘Lollipop’. As a filmmaker, I’ve always been interested in exploring new forms of storytelling and entertainment, and blockchain gaming is the perfect opportunity to do just that. I can’t wait for players to experience the thrill of racing in this innovative new game.”

No release date for the game has yet been released, but both Ayer and Ilous were very careful to use the phrase ‘digital collectibles’ as opposed to non-fungible tokens or NFTs directly, presumably in an effort to appeal to a wider audience given the distrust many still have about the concept.

Polygon president, Ryan Wyatt, has called the project ‘truly pioneering’, so again it is not much of a stretch to assume the digital collectibles will be capable of being traded, bought and sold.

Down the line, there may well be some kind of metaverse tie in as well.

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Douglas Moseley

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