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From Dirt to Digital: Thailand Motorsport Scene

From Dirt to Digital: Thailand Motorsport Scene

The motorsport scene in Thailand is very impressive, but also has a great sim racing culture that is thriving. Let’s check it out!

Thailand has seen a massive increase in its motorsport scene on and of the racetrack of recent years, even the sim racing genre has seen notable growth. Over the past five years, the motorsports industry has experienced a significant boom due to the global success of Formula 1. However, his success has not been limited to F1 but has also brought attention to other forms of motor racing worldwide. Thailand, in particular, has seen a surge in motorsports popularity in recent years, as fans have become increasingly passionate about the sport as a whole.

That success appears poised to continue in the coming years, as there are many sporting events taking place in the country, attracting some of the world’s top talents to compete. So, what are some of the most important racing competitions in Thailand?

Formula 1

There is little doubt that the most popular form of motor racing in Thailand remains Formula 1. F1 remains the pinnacle of the sport, with only the most talented drivers taking a place on the grid. The success that F1 has enjoyed has seen it become a hugely successful betting option for those in Thailand, with all races throughout the season covered at Despite the fact that there aren’t any plans to stage a Grand Prix in Thailand, the nation feels connected to the sport given that there is a driver on the grid representing the country. Alex Albon has been competing in the prestigious F1 since 2019 when he made his Toro Rosso debut.

His immediate impression was rewarded, as he was promoted to compete alongside Max Verstappen at Red Bull, achieving two podiums. However, he was later replaced by Sergio Perez in 2021, but he made his way back into F1 in 2022 by taking up an opportunity to compete at Williams. 


Given the climate and landscape in Thailand, the country is perfect for hosting off-road racing events throughout the calendar. That has been seen in the growing range of motocross races that are staged in the nation, including the prestigious Thailand Motocross Championship. The event brings some of the world’s best drivers to the nation to compete on some of the most challenging dirt tracks on the planet.

The success that the event has gained has been profound, and it continues to be one of the hottest tickets in town when it is staged annually. Fans can get up close and personal with the action, and it gives them an excellent opportunity to feel closer to some of the drivers that they watch throughout the year on their televisions.

Famous Thai Circuits

Given that Thailand hosts some prestigious races throughout the year, there is little surprise that the nation boasts two of the best tracks in Asia. The Bira Circuit is located northeast of Pattaya and can hold up to 30,000 fans every race day. It is a testing track for drivers, as there are twists and bumps combined with elevations.

Interestingly, the track meets FIA standards, meaning that if an F1 race was to be staged in the country, then it could be held at Bira. It is certainly a high-speed track, with go-karts able to reach speeds of up to 62 mph on the straights.

However, the highest standard racing circuit in Thailand comes in the form of the Chang International Circuit. It is the first Grade 1 FIA-rated track in the country, and it is also recognized as FIM Grade A standard. The Chang International Circuit is slightly newer than Bira, as it was only opened in 2014. However, it plays host to a number of prestigious events throughout the year, including the Grand Prix Motorcycle series, and the Porsche Carrera Cup Asia. As well as hosting prestigious global events, the track also hosts local car competitions such as circuit racing and drifting competitions.

Sim Car Racing

As eSports has gained widespread popularity, sim car racing has also experienced a surge in interest, and this trend is evident in Thailand. Players can participate in high-quality virtual motor races with popular titles such as iRacing and Assetto Corsa, which simulate real-life factors like tire wear and crashes. The growing popularity of sim car racing in Thailand could provide a pathway for players to compete in top-tier real-life motorsports competitions, further fueling the country’s passion for the sport.

Final Thoughts

The popularity of motorsports in Thailand looks set to continue for generations to come, with the growing community of sim car racing set to play a key role. The pathway to the top of the sport is now evident for all aspiring drivers, and that allows fans in Thailand to dream that they could one day become world champions.

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