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New SOL 2.2.5 Mod for Assetto Corsa

If you know Assetto Corsa, you will know that SOL mod is a game-changer and version 2.2.5 builds on greatness. Here we see what’s new and how to install it.

Unleash the ultimate racing visuals with SOL Mod 2.2.5! See stunning weather effects, improved lighting, and more in this detailed guide by SirSpats Gaming.

Gear up for a visual revolution with SOL 2.2.5, the latest iteration of the legendary graphics mod for Assetto Corsa. Peter Boese has outdone himself again, pushing the boundaries of realism with breathtaking weather effects, enhanced lighting, and a plethora of visual improvements.

In this Video

  • It demonstrates how to install Sol 2.2.5 weather mod properly for Assetto Corsa including uninstalling the previous version cleanly
  • Essentials needed are Content Manager, CSP 1.76 or higher, and the paid Patreon version of CSP for rain effects
  • How to configure settings in Content Manager like PP filter, reflection settings, apps etc. to get Sol working correctly
  • Overview of what’s new in Sol 2.2.5 like fixes, additions to the planner, PP filter changes
  • Demonstration of how to use the Soul config app to change weather presets and settings
  • Walkthrough of the Sol planner interface to change time, weather effects, add fog, rain, snow etc.


  • Everything new in SOL 2.2.5: Dive deep into the exciting features and enhancements that will transform your racing experience.
  • Step-by-step installation: Follow Spats’ clear instructions to get SOL up and running seamlessly, avoiding any pitfalls.
  • Crucial setup tips: Take note of Spats’ expert advice to optimize SOL for maximum performance and visual fidelity.

Once you’re set, prepare to be blown away by the stunning visuals that SOL mod 2.2.5 delivers. Experience dynamic weather that affects your racing like never before, bask in the beauty of realistic lighting, and immerse yourself in the most breathtaking Assetto Corsa you’ve ever seen.

As always, we encourage people to leave constructed feedback for the creators. This helps with current and future projects. If you see anything suspicious with any mods, please get in contact with the creator, or drop a message below if anyone is ripping your creation. We at Simrace247 like to promote great creations and mods within the sim racing genre. Picture credit and video belong to the creator(s).

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Darren Buckner

Darren Buckner

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