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Assetto Corsa Suzuka Karting Track

Assetto Corsa Suzuka Karting Track

A great mod for Assetto Corsa as this Suzuka Karting track brings you a full scaled down version of this legendary circuit.

This Assetto Corsa Suzuka Karting track mod is well worth checking out, a scaled down version of one of the finest tracks in the world.

I have always said that if you are a young aspiring person that wants to get into car racing within the motorsport genre, Karting is the way to go.

When you look at many of the current and former racers on the F1 grid, Karting has played a massive role in the success and development for the drivers.

Brought to you by Nitro McClean and friends, this track is scaled upon the full track and is ideally suited for Karts. No doubt some of you will probably take your favourite drift car around it, but none the less it will be great fun.

To download this mod visit: AC GKP Suzuka

As always, we ask users to leave constructed feedback for this mod. Mods are always an ongoing project, and this can help the creators out. Gaming mods are a vital core part to the gaming industry, Assetto Corsa would not be the sim racing title it is today without them, F1 has seen its best sim racing cars through mods as well.

Titles like rFactor and the Automobilista series have also had their fair share. When we see some of the great creations of cars, tracks, sounds and so much more, we really see how great the sim racing mod community is. Driven by passion and the need to create, the modding community shows some of the greatest designs in the sim racing genre.


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