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New CSP 1.79 Preview & 1.78 Public for Assetto Corsa

New CSP 1.79 Preview & 1.78 Public for Assetto Corsa
Picture credit: Mateo De Bonis

The new CSP 1.79 preview is now available in Assetto Corsa, these mods are truly fantastic along with 1.78 now publically released.

CSP 1.79 preview is now available along with the public release of 1.78, these fantastic Assetto Corsa mods are a game changer for the sim racing title. Thanks to the great work and creation by Ilya, we have these amazing mods for the community to enjoy, be sure to support them and give constructive feedback to help with this and future developments.

New changes in CSP 1.79

  • VR Performance gains
  • New server features including car ghosting and car reset option
  • New weather effects added
  • Mirror adjustments feature added
  • Updated and additional shaders and PBR shader options added to tracks
  • Bug fixes

CSP For Assetto Corsa:  Ilja Jusupov aka x4fab is creating mods

Assetto Corsa is a growing and continuous sim racing title that is widely supported by people in the modding community for many to enjoy. Not only that, the success of Assetto Corsa has shown many in the gaming community how great sim racing as a genre is.

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