Down Memory Lane: Our Favourite Racing Games


Down Memory Lane: Our Favourite Racing Games

We have seen many racing games being released, as a touch of nostalgia, we take a look at some of the best from the past.

Throughout the history of gaming, many racing tiles have been released, some are great, others not so. Here we take a trip down memory lane at some of the classics that will always be remembered and worth checking out.

Some excellent games have been released over the years, with many genres covered. But, one category that is always extremely popular with gamers is that of car games. It’s a genre where there have been some all-time classics released, and we’re going to take you on a trip down memory lane to rediscover some of the best.

Out Run

Out Run, an arcade-style video game released by Sega back in 1986, is arguably the greatest car game ever released. It was a pioneer at the time of its release, a groundbreaker, thanks to both the gameplay, graphics and soundtracks that it brought to the table. Out Run is very much a game that encapsulates what street racing is all about, and it has inspired other titles over the years, such as Red Tiger Gaming’s 24 Hour Grand Prix slot game, for example.


Chase HQ

If you’re making a list of the top car games from yesteryear, and Out Run doesn’t rank first, it’s usually Chase HQ that will be there in its stead. And for good reason. Chase HQ is a combat racing game released as an arcade title by specialist team Taito in 1998. In the eyes of many, Chase HQ is a sequel to another hit Taito title in Full Throttle, but that’s not a negative. In Chase HQ, players take on the role of Tony Gibson, a police officer, who is a member of the Chase Special Investigation Department.


Mario Kart

How could you have a list of car games without the inclusion of Mario Kart? The title debuted nearly thirty years ago in 1992, and since then, there have been multiple releases across a range of platforms. What is genius about the Nintendo release is that they added all their classic characters into the mix, to move the game away from being all about racing. And, who can forget the fun weapons and objects players can collect to help them make their way across the finish line in first place?


Road Rash

Now, we know that we said that this list is all about car games, but we can’t overlook how fun other types of driving games have proven to be over the years. And one of those titles is Road Rash, a game that catapulted motorbike racing to the fore. After the game’s initial release in 1991, like other titles, further installments hit the scene, with seven more in total. Road Rash provided some seriously high octane thrills that perhaps car games just weren’t capable of delivering.

It’s always fun taking a trip down memory lane where gaming is concerned, especially when retro is on-trend. But, what’s also worth noting is that these sorts of titles set the foundations for the excellent games that have been released since. They were very much the trendsetters, and for that, we should be truly grateful.