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kartKraft Development Continues In 2022

kartKraft Development Continues In 2022

We had seen concern of the development and future of KartKraft in 2022, with an official statement, Motorsport Games speaks out.

Despite various people in the community showing concern about the development of KartKraft in 2022, Motorsport Games reassure the community with an official statement that should clear things up. It is always good to hear the official responses rather than speculation and hear say.


In light of recent community discussion we wanted to take a few moments to give you all clear assurance that development work on KartKraft continues and has in no way slowed since coming out of Early Access. We remain committed to creating the best simulator in its class and are as excited as ever for the future of KartKraft and its community of players.

A multiplayer racing mode, to go along with our initial online offering has been a key focus of the team since coming out of early access; something we know that you as a community have been looking forward to and that we have been wanting to bring to KartKraft for some time. As you will appreciate, this is a significant undertaking for a small team, and we don’t want to rush this feature out until it’s robust and of the quality that you all expect.

In the meantime, we have some other updates in the works that we think you’re going to like, and that will be rolled out prior to multiplayer races. By the middle of next month, some of these updates will already be live and we will have more details to share about our plans for KartKraft going forward.

The development team would like to thank you all for your ongoing support of KartKraft – it means a lot to us that you’re so passionate about the game that we’ve poured so much of our energy into.

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