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Amuse Nissan 380RS Superleggera for Assetto Corsa

Amuse Nissan 380RS Superleggera for Assetto Corsa
Picture source: Motortrend

We do like a good mod here at simrace247, this Amuse Nissan 380RS Superleggera Assetto Corsa mod ticks all the right boxes.

This Amuse Nissan 380RS Superleggera Assetto Corsa mod comes at a recommendation, the 380 is a fantastic car that sets a great balance of performance, style and speed. Many will know that the Assetto Corsa community is plentyful with great mods and design.

Here at simrace247, we like to show these great creations from the community for you to enjoy. This Amuse Nissan 380RS Superleggera is a cool car, no doubt about that, packing 381 HP and a weight reduction over the standard car gives a great driving experience.

Like all good mods, we like to see variety brought to the masses, be sure to support the creators of this mod and give constructive feedback to help with development and future projects.

Assetto Corsa has been going very strongly in the sim racing community thanks to its mod creators. We have seen numerous great cars, tracks and so much more added to the game giving it great diversity that appeals to the masses.

Assetto Corsa has cemented itself in the history books of great gaming titles that will be spoken about for many years to come.


Darren Buckner

Darren Buckner

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