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New Toyota Supra A90 Mod for Assetto Corsa

New Toyota Supra A90 Assetto Corsa Mod

Here we see the new Toyota Supra A90 mod for Assetto Corsa. Another fine example of great mods in the community.

Looking for a digital driving experience that ignites your inner petrolhead, look no further than the Toyota Supra A90 mod for Assetto Corsa. This fan-favorite mod lets you command the wheel of this modern legend, bringing its powerful engine and sleek design right into your sim rig.

Fuelling the Fan Favourite:

Whether you’ve witnessed the Supra dominating GT races or heard its roar praised by viewers, you know it’s a force to be reckoned with. Thanks to this exceptional mod, you can finally get behind the wheel and experience that power firsthand. Take it for a liberating free roam blast, carve up the track with friends, or push its limits in time trials – the possibilities are endless.

A Feast for the Senses:

The real-world Toyota Supra A90 is a masterpiece of engineering and design, and this mod faithfully captures its essence. Feel the surge of the 3.0-liter turbocharged inline-six engine, hear the intoxicating exhaust note, and witness the aerodynamic curves slice through the virtual wind.

Every element, from the responsive 8-speed automatic transmission to the meticulous interior details, delivers an immersive and visceral driving experience.

From Zero to Hero in a Flash:

This isn’t just about looking good; the Supra A90 packs a serious punch. Rocket from 0 to 60 mph in a jaw-dropping 4.3 seconds, feel the surge of 500 Nm of torque thrust you forward, and let the 155 mph top speed unleash your inner speed demon.

But power isn’t everything – the Supra’s legendary handling shines through in the mod, allowing you to carve corners with precision and confidence.

More Than Just a Mod, a Celebration:

Owning the Supra A90 in Assetto Corsa isn’t just about driving a fast car; it’s about experiencing the legacy of a revered automotive icon. This mod is a testament to the passion and dedication of the sim racing community, bringing a cherished machine to life in the digital realm.

So, buckle up, fire up the engine, and prepare to unleash the Supra’s fury! This Assetto Corsa mod is your gateway to a world of automotive exhilaration, waiting to be explored and conquered.

Assetto Corsa is a growing and continuous sim racing title that is widely supported by those in the sim racing community. We like to give exposure to great creators and content from the modding community in support of recognition for great content.

Assetto Corsa was launched into early access in 2013 and turned 8 years old in November 2021. To this very day, it is still one of the most popular sim racing titles on the market with a hardcore following.



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