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F1 23 Drivers Ratings Update

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The real world Formula 1 season has an effect on the gaming title and its ratings

The latest season of F1 23 concluded with a display of sheer dominance by Max Verstappen, who set a new benchmark in the sport’s history, this reflects like others, on how the drivers ratings are marked in the gaming title.

Verstappen’s record-breaking performance included a staggering 19 victories, surpassing his own previous record of 15 wins in a single season. This feat solidified his position at the top of the Driver Ratings with an impressive Overall rating of 96 in the F1 23 gaming title, despite a slight decrease in his awareness number due to a few minor incidents.

In the closely watched battle for the runner-up positions, Sergio Perez showcased remarkable consistency. His strategic drives in the final races secured him second place in the Drivers’ standings, maintaining his Overall rating at a commendable 87. This performance underscored his skill and resilience throughout the season.

Mercedes drivers, Lewis Hamilton and George Russell, faced a challenging season but their efforts paid off in the Constructors’ standings. Their respective finishes in the final races were enough to edge out Ferrari for the second spot by a narrow margin of three points.

Both Hamilton and Russell concluded the season with their initial Overall ratings intact, at 92 and 87 respectively, reflecting their consistency and competitiveness despite the hurdles they faced.

As the racing world enters a hiatus until the Bahrain testing, these final developments provide ample material for discussion and analysis. The season’s end marks not just a period of rest for the teams, but also a time for fans and analysts to reflect on the remarkable performances and strategize for the upcoming challenges.

To check out the full list and lineup of the new ratings, click here.



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