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F1 Sim Racing World Championship: Ferrari Will Always Fight

F1 Sim Racing World Championship: Ferrari Will Always Fight

Ferrari will always be up for the fight to the very end in the F1 Sim Racing World Championship that continues today.

Over the course of three intense days, five crucial races will unfold, determining the destiny of this year’s titles in the F1 sim racing world championship. The Scuderia Ferrari Esports Team arrives with a steely determination to overcome their mixed results from the previous Event 2 and mount a remarkable comeback.

There’s still everything to play for in the grand final of the F1 Sim Racing world championship, taking place in Stockholm from 7 to 9 May: five races in three days with the drivers’ and constructors’ titles still up for grabs. The Scuderia Ferrari Esports Team will be looking to improve on the mixed results from Event 2 a few weeks back.

Thanks to the combined efforts of Bari Broumand and Nicolas Longuet the team is currently third in the constructors’ classification with 120 points, 30 behind the leaders Red Bull Sim Racing. But with just under half the races still to come, the Scuderia Ferrari Esports Team is hoping to chase them down.

Mexico City – 7 May

  • Qualifying: 1210 CEST / 1110 MTC
  • Race: 1710 CEST / 1610 MTC

São Paulo – 7 May

      • Qualifying: 1415 CEST / 1315 MTC
      • Race: 1915 CEST / 1815 MTC

Las Vegas – 8 May

  • Qualifying: 1210 CEST / 1110 MTC
  • Race: 1710 CEST / 1610 MTC

Lusail – 8 May

  • Qualifying: 1415 CEST / 1315 MTC
  • Race: 1915 CEST / 1815 MTC

Yas Marina – 9 May

  • Qualifying: 1410 CEST / 1310 MTC
  • Race: 1710 CEST / 1610 MTC

Tiziana Mecozzi Team Manager

“Event 2 of the F1 Sim Racing world championship with a string of closely contested races was a real test for all the teams. We weren’t perfect all the time and as the level is so high and the gaps so small, we ended up with mixed results. However, Bari, Nico and the team are ready to give it our best shot in this final rush of races. Everything is yet to be decided and I’m sure that with a bit of consistency, we can get some strong results”.

Nicolas Longuet Scuderia Ferrari Esports Team Driver

“The way things went in Event 2 of the F1 Sim Racing world championship has motivated me to work hard over these past weeks with the aim of fighting back as soon as possible. Bari and I are determined to end the season scoring as many points as possible in the remaining races and there’s everything still to play for”.

Bari Broumand Scuderia Ferrari Esports Team Driver

“Winning at Spa for the second time in a row was a unique experience for me. Now we need to produce consistently strong results over the final five races. There’s a lot to do and anything can still happen”.

Qualifying sessions can be watched live, streaming on the Formula 1 YouTube and Twitch channels from 12:10 CEST (7&8 May) and from 14:10 CEST (9 May), with the races on every day from 17:10 CEST.

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