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Corsair Makes a Move into Sim Racing with Proposed Fanatec Acquisition

Corsair Makes a Move into Sim Racing with Proposed Fanatec Acquisition

Corsair is negotiating a major acquisition of Fanatec that could reshape the sim racing peripheral market.

PC gaming hardware giant Corsair has entered talks to purchase Endor AG, the parent company of the renowned sim racing brand Fanatec.

The proposed deal comes at a crucial time for Endor AG, which has been weighed down by a staggering €70 million debt. If completed, the acquisition would provide a much-needed cash infusion to alleviate Endor’s financial struggles.

For Corsair, it marks an ambitious push into the booming sim racing scene. Fanatec is one of the most prestigious brands in the space, offering a range of high-end direct drive wheel bases, pedals, shifters, and cockpits beloved by sim racers worldwide.

“Fanatec is an incredible brand with a strong community, and we believe Corsair is the ideal home for Fanatec’s loyal customers, employees and business partners,” said Corsair CEO Andy Paul. “This transaction would solve the company’s significant debt load and position the company for growth and continued product portfolio expansion.”

While a titan in PC gaming peripherals, Corsair has previously had minimal presence in the sim racing market. The acquisition of Fanatec would give them an immediate foothold against stiff competition from rival brands.

In recent years, Fanatec has faced increased pressure from more affordable direct drive wheel alternatives from the likes of Moza Racing. Mainstream gaming peripheral makers Thrustmaster and Logitech have also aggressively expanded their sim racing lineups to capitalize on the segment’s rising popularity.

Fanatec’s financial woes left it ripe for an acquisition. Prior to Corsair’s announcement, the company was undergoing corporate restructuring amidst product delays and long shipping times that exacerbated its troubles. Its founder and long-time CEO Thomas Jackermeier was also recently ousted, though he remains involved in product design.

If successful, the acquisition could be a lifeline for Fanatec’s operations. Corsair’s finely-tuned logistics capabilities and customer service expertise could help address some of the pain points that plagued Fanatec in recent months.

For sim racers, a combined Corsair-Fanatec could potentially lead to expanded product lineups and tighter integration between high-end racing hardware and PCs. As the sim racing scene continues gaining mainstream momentum, Corsair is clearly betting big on bringing its pedigree to the driving peripheral space.


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