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Andre Eriksen: The Driving Force Behind Asetek SimSports

Andre Eriksen: The Driving Force Behind Asetek SimSports

When we look at the creative and productive side of sim racing products, Andre Eriksen founder of Asetek SimSports is a driving force of vision and passion.

Andre Eriksen founder of Asetek SimSports has a lifelong obsession with racing that has driven the company’s unwavering commitment to authenticity and realism in its racing simulation products. From his earliest days racing motocross as a kid and working multiple jobs to fund his passion, this entrepreneurial racer has been fuelled by an intense drive to be the best.

“I’ve always been obsessed with racing. As I still say to my friends – I’d race people with a shopping trolley given half a chance!” says Andre. But his obsession is certainly no joke, it’s the backbone of Asetek’s mission to give everyone the ability to experience real racing in an accessible and cost-effective way in the sim racing genre.

At Simrace247 we believe it is crucial to have access to high-quality products that are not just gimmicks. We believe that the companies who produce such products are essential to ensuring the best possible experience for our users.

Motorsport Heritage

The founder’s own racing credentials are highly impressive, he won nine out of ten races to claim the Californian Masters Championship title in his second season. After that, Andre bought a Pro Formula Mazda (similar to an F3 race car), this challenging car was a step up from his previous racing competitions he had participated in.  In the West Coast Formula Car Challenge, he finished a remarkable second overall at the age of 40.

Driven Passion in Many Aspects

Like many people who are driven and focused, they do not stop at one particular topic “I’m a racer, I’m a toolmaker, and I’m an engineer,” he explains. His hands-on expertise, including working with lathes, milling machines and welders, feeds directly into Asetek’s products.

This methodical outlook is what Andre wants you to see in Asetek products, Asetek want you to know that these products have been built with passion and expertise, but also by people who enjoy sim racing and motorsport.

It’s this mix of driving talent, technical know-how and a relentless will to win that has established Asetek as a brand racing enthusiasts can trust. “I know how to race a car in real life…and I’ve designed Asetek’s products absolutely to suit that reality,” the founder states.

The Vision and the Future

This competitive drive that fuelled his own racing career now pushes Asetek forward. “The urge to be the best has not – and will never – leave me,” he says, “and now I have it solely and completely on behalf of Asetek.”

From its authentically designed hardware to its dedicated customer support driven by the founder himself, Asetek SimSports is a true product of the racer’s obsession. It offers world-class racing simulation products for anyone who shares that obsession and passion….just like Andre.

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